13 to 16 Weeks Pregnant

13 to 16 Weeks Pregnant: What Happened to Your Baby?

As you currently understand you are expecting as well as in a few months you shall be earning your little bundle of joy, you ought to be careful sufficient concerning your health and wellness and additionally the health of your youngster throughout your maternity. As soon as you are pregnant, till the day of your child’s birth, you need to be mindful regarding remaining healthy and balanced to ensure that you can take great treatment on your own as well as for your child. In the 13th week, you have just finished your very first trimester and your child has currently undergone adequate growth and development, though it is yet to grow a lot more. Many mommies-to-be are usually distressed regarding their baby’s health and wellness and just how to look after them in these weeks. So, a complete discussion about this subject is significantly crucial.

The 13th Week of Your Maternity:

What happened to your baby?

In the 13th week of your maternity, your baby is going through quick growth, and its limbs together with the ankles and wrists are virtually established. The bay’s eyes are created with appropriate eyelids that become visible through a USG. The reduced part of the body is promptly established other than the head which is not an incorrect proportion now. The baby is growing appropriate intestinal tracts in the right areas and now the child is ingesting the amniotic fluid and it is absorbing it into its body. The 13th week is one of the most essential ones that will certainly allow you to know whether you are most likely to have doubles through the help of an ultrasound.

What happens to the mom-to-be?

From the 13th week of your pregnancy, you might experience the following symptoms:

  • Too much fatigue and exhaustion
  • boosted energy
  • round ligament discomfort
  • tenderness and soreness in breasts

You feel energized

Though you will have a few symptoms of queasiness and vomiting you will certainly feel extra energetic in this duration as well as will have much more enthusiasm in this stage. During this time a lot of the agitation will discolor, and you will start feeling a bit much better now.

Round ligament discomfort

In the 13th week of your maternity, you are most likely to experience round tendon discomfort. This will certainly occur because your uterus is expanding gradually and so there are possibilities of occurrences of discomfort in your reduced abdomen. Though these discomforts are not so serious, if you experience sharp pains for a longer time, you must consult your worried health care professional at the same time.

Tenderness in breasts

Though you will certainly really feel a sense of leaking in your breasts given that early pregnancy, the inflammation will certainly increase in the 13th week, generally because of the enormous hormonal modifications that are occurring in your body and since your busts will certainly begin creating colostrum, which is the forerunner to breast milk due to the action of lactating hormones.

What should mommy do?

You need to follow the directions below in your 13th week of maternity:

  • Avoid having seafood high in mercury or eating raw and uncooked foods like raw sprouts, fish, and shellfish like sushi that might create gastrointestinal disorder
  • Cut out hefty smoking or drinking alcohol
  • Lower your caffeine consumption
  • Practice yoga exercises and workout daily
  • Consult your physician and go to regular check-ups. You ought to take the medications suggested by the physician on a regular basis incorrect doses and must likewise execute the required tests as prescribed by the physician
  • Have a well-balanced diet that is abundant in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, light healthy proteins; have adequate fruits and environmentally friendly leafy vegetables, and eat lots of water.

The 14th Week Of Your Maternity:

What happened to your baby?

The disorientation of your baby’s head is currently entering into correct positions, and if you carry out a USG you will find that the neck is established and the ear is on either side of the child’s head, with a noticeable chin. Today forward, you will certainly see that your baby can respond to outside feelings as it has already created its sensory body organs.

What happens to the mother-to-be?

This week, the mom-to-be will certainly undergo some noticeable adjustments in her body, a few of which are as follows:

  • minimized breast inflammation
  • rise in power
  • rise in weight

Besides these common modifications, there will certainly be some symptoms such as:

Nausea or vomiting:

Though in this week the frequency of throwing up and the sensation of nausea or vomiting will certainly fade away progressively, in many cases it has been located that expecting females in this phase of their pregnancy might experience early morning sickness together with nausea or vomiting and vomiting. In this instance, you should have a lot of water throughout the day and have a healthy and balanced, and well-balanced diet. If the nausea is momentary, having ginger in tea might additionally aid. But if the queasiness and throwing up proceeds for lengthy as well as ends up being a repetitive concern, it is anticipated that you might have developed a major disorder called hyperemesis gravidarum and in this situation, you require specialist assistance.

State of mind swings:

Mood swings are extremely usual in this stage and throughout your maternity, these mood swings take place because of the enormous hormonal changes that take place throughout your body and the anxiety of carrying a baby makes you really feel tired as well as exhausted. If you discover it challenging to manage your mood swings and senses of irritability, you should obtain aid from any specialist.

What should the mother do?


As you remain in the 14th week, you need to start doing your pregnancy workouts and start doing them with the prior appointment of your doctor. First, start your workouts for 15 mins and after that gradually boost it to 20, after that 30 as well as lastly to an hour. You also need to perform yoga exercises and aerobics together with breathing workouts.

Consult with your doctor:

You should notify your doctor if you begin experiencing any one of the adhering symptoms:

  • genital blood loss or any thick fluid discharge from the vaginal area-high temperature.
  • Troubles in vision.
  • extreme stomach discomfort.
  •  headache.

The 15th Week Of Your Maternity:

What happens to your infant?

If you do an ultrasound, you will see that your baby is currently 6.25 inches in height and has developed an unshaven outgrowth known as lanugo. However, this will leave with your infant’s birth. By today the baby’s organs are fully established as well as it has additionally established its bones.

What occurs to the mom-to-be?

Some typical symptoms are noticed amongst the mommies in this stage such as: – darkening of the skin around the nipples.

  • continued weight gain.
  • Too much pain in the body parts.
  • Tingling under the feet or in the fingers.

What should the mother do?

This week, the mother needs to follow a healthy and balanced and balanced diet plan that consists of high amounts of healthy and balanced, pre-natal vitamins, essential minerals, antioxidants, fibers, and all the vital maternity nutrients. This week you ought to add 300 calories more to your diet. There are some usual foods that your doctor might prescribe:

  • low-fat dairy.
  • fruits.
  • vegetables.
  • whole grains.

The 16th Week Of Your Maternity:

What happened to your baby?

Your child has undergone fast development by this week as well as it is almost 7 inches in height. You will really feel the activities of its limbs as well as now, your baby has totally created the nerve system. The eyes are likewise practically developed as well as the infant will certainly attempt to make little eye activities that will certainly be visible via high-resolution USG.

What happens to the mommy-to-be?

The mommy-to-be will have several symptoms such as:

  • Irregular bowel movements: This might occur because of the absence of correct digestion. To treat this condition, have foods that are high in fiber web content as well as consult your doctor for further medications.
  • Heartburn: If you are experiencing recurring heartburns, reduce the intake of spicy and extra oily foods from your diet regimen. You might likewise have antacids as well as gastrointestinal enzymes to get better alleviation.
  • Nosebleeds: You may experience periodic nose bleeding throughout this period and if you discover the problem to be severe enough, rush to the medical professional. In mild cases, nose blood loss can be dealt with by keeping your head at a degree greater than your heart, pinching your nose with your thumb and forefinger at an interval of five minutes, and so on.
  • Blockage: This is typical in this week of pregnancy. If you are experiencing a blockage, food digestion difficulties, or any other problem, consult your physician instantly.
  • continued weight gain.
  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Problems with concentration.
  • Your skin starts beautifully due to the excess blood circulation.

What should the mother do?

During this time around, you will certainly have to preserve a healthy and balanced regular, and balanced diet regimen. Your appetite may enhance as well as you might crave pleasant foods. Supplement sugary foods, candies, or foods containing any added sugar with fruits, milk, or curd since in this phase of pregnancy, your body needs protein and calcium. You additionally require exercising daily, at the very least for 30 minutes to an hour. You can likewise do yoga exercises as well as breathing workouts. However, keep in mind, prior to doing the exercises, seek advice from your physician first.


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