Why You Should Go for a Second Medical Opinion?

In a fragmented healthcare system dominated by chronic disease, most patients would prefer to minimize health risks in the best way possible. Whether you are worried about limited improvement in your chronic condition, planning to go for a major surgical procedure, or just not sure your physician understood you fully, a second medical opinion could minimize the risk of complications and even save your life.

Wrong Diagnosis is a Frequent Occurrence

A wrong diagnosis proves potentially harmful to patients. Three researchers, Singh, Meyers, and Thomas confirmed, by observing the US population, that as many as 12 million US adults were likely to receive a wrong diagnosis in the outpatient setting alone. This data reveals the potential of a second medical opinion in terms of helping patients make an informed decision about a procedure, disease, or treatment.

This worrisome issue is not restricted to the United States but extends to different parts of the world. Even when patients understand the need for a second opinion, they may face several impediments. Patients living in rural areas may have to incur exorbitant costs related to their physician fee, travel, and stay at a different location when the required care is not available at their place of residence. When the patient is unable to travel, their caretakers may have to travel to a doctor to get a second opinion, leaving the patient unattended, and giving rise to additional concerns.

How Professional Assistance Can Make a Difference

While most healthcare organizations encourage a second medical opinion and guide patients by providing relevant advice, patients may still require detailed step-by-step guidance on who to consult, what to ask, and how to pose the right questions. A professional organization that engages with expert medical professionals and provides the convenience of getting advice from the convenience of their homes is one that addresses the needs of patients.

By liaising with an organization engaged in connecting patients to doctors to obtain a second opinion, patients get access to a wide portfolio of services such as review of medical records, personalized recommendation or treatment, and follow-up services to address the concerns of patients and answer their questions. Patients get the privilege of accessing services based on the advice of competent medical professionals belonging to renowned organizations.

Our Holistic Approach to Second Opinion Services

KareOptions partners with physicians who excel in their respective specialties and are connected with leading healthcare delivery centers across the nation. Our physicians are board-certified and have multiple high-value research publications to their credit. We have a growing pool of experts experienced in diagnosing and treating chronic and life-threatening conditions such as cancer.

We call our basic service the medical second opinion service (MSOS). MSOS is intended to shift the burden of dealing with the complexities associated with diagnosing and treating complicated conditions. We provide a unique and broad portfolio of services to support patients in their quest for the best solution for their precise health concerns. To support this goal, we also oversee your treatment through our Continuity of Care (COC), perform a multidisciplinary review as part of our Second Opinion board review (SOBR), and coordinate care at high-quality healthcare delivery centers through our transfer of care coordination (TOCC).


“KareOptions does not have any intention to provide specific medical advice, but rather to provide its users and/ or the general public with information to better understand their health. All content (including text, graphics, images, information, etc.) provided herein is for general informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, care, diagnosis, or treatment. KareOptions makes no representation and assumes no responsibility/ liability for the accuracy of the information, advice, diagnosis, treatment provided herein or on its website. NEVER DISREGARD PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE OR DELAY IN SEEKING TREATMENT BECAUSE OF SOMETHING YOU HAVE READ IT HERE OR ACCESSED THROUGH THE KAREOPTIONS WEBSITE.

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