T20 Versus Lung Cancer

2011 ODI World Cup. India’s battle to win the world cup a second time was won. One man conquered both the field and the hearts of a billion Indians – Yuvraj Singh! But little did he know that the biggest battle of his life was just coming up.

Seven months later, it was reported that Yuvraj Singh was suffering from lung cancer. His left lung had a cancerous tumor which was diagnosed as Seminoma lung cancer/ Mediastinal Seminoma. We take a lot of things for granted. The ability to eat food, breathe, walk, talk with our friends and family, see the beautiful world around us. These become precious when one has to go through various health issues. One of the most troublesome of them being cancer.

This legend of a man, while suffering from all the bad effects a lung cancer can afflict on a person, exhibited an outstanding performance.

What happens in Seminoma Lung cancer?

There is a space between the lungs called the mediastinum. This is the space where our heart, the windpipe etc also is occupied. This is where the tumour occurs. Most of these tumours are large enough that they compress the organs nearby and cause symptoms. This cancerous tumour has the potential to affect the lungs and shut them down.

Shortness of breath, chest pain, coughs, night sweats, spitting of blood are just a few of the symptoms the patient will have to suffer. Weight loss and an increase in temperature are also seen. These symptoms make the life of the cancer patient worse. It is a wonder how Singh survived all this through the world cup. It sure gives us all hope.

How to make sure?

There are different diagnostic methods employed by the physician to confirm the condition which starts with the Chest X-Ray. Blood tests also help as these tumour cells produce certain substances which can be spotted in the blood. Ct scans and MRI scans also help along with mediastinoscopy which is directly taking a look inside the mediastinum.

What Can be done?

Chemotherapy is the best option for Mediastinal Seminoma. The most common type is the BEP. Here three drugs called bleomycin, etoposide and cisplatin are used. For some, this can get rid of all cancer. But if that doesn’t happen, proper follow up is required as the doctors will keep the tumour from causing damage to the nearby organs.

Do you actually need a second opinion?

What must be kept in mind is that our body is made up of numerous kinds of cells. There are innumerable kinds of tumours that occur in our body. These tumours can either be cancerous or non-cancerous, curable or incurable. Some need surgery while others do not.

Hundreds of parameters and many treatment options are out there, which simply cannot be contemplated by just one individual however brilliant they are. It is always best to ask for a second opinion when you get invited to the land of crabs. The more tests you do, the more your symptoms and other reports are assessed the more accurate your diagnosis will be and the more effective the treatment.

A word from KareOptions.

Singh had such pressure as all of the dreams of one whole country were on his shoulders when he was holding the bat out there in the field. And he fought hard, won it for us, and then won the battle for himself.

He came back even stronger to the team and became an integral part of the national team. So never lose hope and we are here to get you more professionals to assess your condition and give you the care you need.

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