Medical Tourism in India

Medical Tourism in India: 6 Factors That Influence

Most developing countries like India offer affordable and accessible health care facilities. According to a survey, about 200000 medical tourists visit India every year. Most of these medical tourists belong to the countryside in the USA and UK. The survey also reveals that medical tourists from SAARC countries such as Maldives, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan approach India for their treatment. These countries have almost the same currency rate as India, but the medical treatment provided in India comes at a lower cost when compared to the treatment provided in their own country. Medical tourism facilitators in India form an extensive infrastructure and very efficient medical staff, with many premier hospitals carrying out research on a regular basis.

Why Medical Tourism has Gained Impetus in India?

Over the years, several medical tourism agencies have been established in India. There are a number of factors responsible for the growth of medical tourism in India:

  1. High Quality Treatment at Low Cost: Oftentimes, when you approach a health tourism company in India, the cost of treatment is much less than other developed countries. However, the quality of treatment is much better when compared to other countries. High quality treatment at a suitable cost serves as the greatest advantage for a medical tourism destination.
  2. Superior Infrastructure and Competent Medical Staff: World-class infrastructure and competent doctors are the main reasons why people from foreign countries consider travelling to India for treatment. This trend has given medical tourism and medical tourism agencies in India a considerable boost.
  3. Unique Skill Set of Specialists: Several doctors are available to treat any disease, and all doctors are very skilled and talented in their respective fields. Well-trained doctors speak perfect English, and foreign patients do not face any communication difficulties while undertaking medical treatment from a health tourism company in India.
  4. Expert Diagnosis and Treatment Services: India offers quick diagnosis and treatment services. Patient recovery is sooner than expected. Hospitals utilize the latest technologies to treat their patients and maintain a hygienic environment. They utilize best-in-class equipment, and consider patient safety, comfort, and preferences a high priority.
  5. Availability of Natural Treatments: India offers many natural treatments for patients including Ayurveda, yoga, homoeopathy, and the like. These treatments are tied to Indian culture, offer effective remedies for chronic and acute ailments, and are seldom as accessible in other parts of the world. These treatments are often utilized by many patients after taking up their traditional allopathic treatments to speed up their process of recovery. These therapies also promote relaxation and healing in patients.
  6. Natural Environment: India offers a positive and conducive environment to help the patient recover. India is home to beautiful and unexplored places that serve as attractions for foreign tourists. These natural getaways are coveted locations for foreign tourists as they speed up the process of recovery by building the body’s natural defenses. Hospitals are situated at convenient places that are popular among tourists.

These aspects make India a chosen destination for medical tourists. In addition to providing expert services through a world-class infrastructure by a team of qualified medical professionals, India offers a relaxing environment. Equipped with the best experts offering natural treatments, the affordability in Indian health service delivery serves as a major attraction for foreign medical tourists.


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