Medical Tourism in India

Medical Tourism and Its Indian Connection

Medical tourism describes an individual’s choice for treatment in a foreign country. Every year, a large number of US citizens take part in health tourism. Patients from the United States generally travel to Mexico, Canada, and Central America. They may also choose South America and the Caribbean. Yet, medical tourism has become a popular preference worldwide. The less developed countries attract tourists as expert services come at affordable costs. The following paragraphs explain this transition further.

Why Medical Tourism Gained Impetus Globally?

A rise in medical tourism in India intrigues policymakers and scientists. Also, analysts and media professionals are curious. The term identified patient movement from less-developed to developed nations. Patients usually traveled for less accessible treatments. But there has been a considerable change in the patient mobility patterns. This transition is visible on a qualitative and quantitative basis.

People travel from more developed nations to less-developed nations for treatment. A notable reason for this shift is the low cost of treatment. Patients also prefer better healthcare facilities and cheaper accommodation. Other contributing factors include the low cost of flight tickets and marketing. Patients also rely on an increase in consumer information about Indian health tourism. Medical tourism is also booming owing to two key reasons:

  • Cultural Preferences: Culture plays a significant role in health tourism. Patients travel to other countries with similar language and cultural beliefs about healthcare.
  • Banned Treatments: Patients travel for procedures and therapies not available in their country.

Why India is a Chosen Medical Tourism Destination?

Medical treatment is a fundamental need of people requiring high-quality healthcare delivery. The western world dominates the market and is the chosen medical tourism destination. Yet, India is still in its developing stages. Medical treatment of many patients is possible due to the Indian medical tourism service.

Seeking healthcare facilities and procedures in developed countries requires much spending. But some South Asian countries have poor healthcare infrastructure. Most people prefer not to travel to such a destination to seek specialty care services. As a result, India has become a sought-after destination offering high-quality healthcare services. Any medical tourism services in India are available at a cost that suits the pocket.

India has a professional portfolio of medical care professionals and healthcare services. It has raised its standard to the care quality offered by most developed countries. Several patients from South Asian countries travel every year for Indian medical tourism. This number has been rising during the last decade.

What is the Future Outlook on Medical Tourism in India?

Healthcare facilities and technological advancement have received considerable focus. This led to a proportionate improvement in the quality of education. This has led to producing qualified doctors, researchers, and scientists. This trend has transformed the medical field not in India but all over the world. Also, there has been a significant improvement in infrastructure. Besides, equipment is available to treat diseases with minimally invasive and pain-free procedures.

Patients from all over the world need medical tourism services in India. Various agencies can arrange a consultation, accommodation, surgery, and post-surgical care. The Indian healthcare system is one of the best systems globally. This may be the fundamental reason for its medical tourism industry, which is growing at 18%.

Many patients belonging to foreign countries also prefer alternative treatment options. These treatments include Unani, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Naturopathy besides traditional allopathic treatment. India is a world leader and promoter of alternative therapy. Thus, it is fast becoming a hub for every type of medical treatment in India.

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