Instead of Endlessly Surfing the Web for Answers, Get a Second Opinion!

Instead of endlessly surfing the web for answers, get a second opinion!

Unless it’s a family doctor or someone you trust completely, consulting any new doctor brings up some amount of uncertainty. You hesitate in immediately accepting the suggested treatment, especially when it is something as important as surgery or diagnosis/treatment for a chronic long-term illness. Often, we also judge a doctor based on the way they make us feel instead of their credentials, such that we might blindly trust them because we like them. When you are not satisfied with the diagnosis or treatment options provided by your primary physician, instead of endlessly surfing the web for answers, it is better to get a second opinion.

Making serious medical decisions should be more than just based on your intuitions

WHY IT IS SMART TO GET A SECOND OPINION: Several studies suggest that about 68% of patients seek a second opinion, so that would get another diagnosis or prognosis, and 65% would get assurance regarding the diagnosis or treatment options.

  • The internet is not a doctor: With everyone having complete access to the internet, it is so convenient to look up your symptoms and diagnose yourself with the problem you are facing. After, a certain extent however, the internet can become confusing with multiple websites showing conflicting opinions, some or the other website leading to say you have a serious medical condition, or using complicated language that you don’t follow. All these things can cause stress and even distress because even though you don’t know how accurate the information or source is but you end up believing it anyway. Your doctor has years of training and experience and has actually treated patients with similar conditions, instead of surfing of the web for answers when you are not sure about your primary physician, just go see another qualified doctor!
  • No response to current treatment: If your treatment plan is not benefitting you, you shouldn’t feel obliged to continue seeking treatment from the same physician. At the end of the day, you need to advocate for your own health, which means getting a second opinion if your current treatment is not effective. You shouldn’t assume that you will have to live with the pain or discomfort your whole life just because the initial treatment is not ameliorating your condition.
  • Major surgery/ harmful treatment options: In case of a mass found in your body, the first ideal step would be to determine if it is benign or malignant through a biopsy (examination of tissue removed from a living body to discover the presence, cause, or extent of a disease). Different doctors may have different approaches to deal with the tumour. Some doctors may prefer a conservative approach (without operating) through radiation or chemotherapy, others may follow an aggressive approach to resect the tumour completely. In any situation, you need to be actively involved in deciding the treatment plan since surgery is a major step that requires physical, emotional as well as financial stability. You need to get a second opinion or even a third or fourth if required to give you the assurance and satisfaction to go ahead with a risky treatment option. Similarly when it comes to something as paramount as heart surgery you might want to take a second opinion if your cardiologist suggests open heart surgery. A second opinion can ease your mind, possibly prevent an unnecessary procedure, or provide you with an alternative option to consider. Some surgeons might also be practicing certain advanced or minimally invasive techniques of operating that have lesser risks involved and are a safer but equally as effective. Many patients feel like what their physician says is the do all and end all, but ultimately it is your choice and you need to make a well informed decision by considering all your treatment options.
  • Strength in the numbers: When more number of physicians agree on the same diagnosis and/or treatment plan it increases client satisfaction with the primary physician. It means that if your second and third opinion is the same or similar to the first doctor you will feel more confident about the diagnosis and can go ahead with the doctor you are most comfortable with.

Why Many Hesitate in Getting a Second Opinion?

  • It will upset the primary treating physician: Especially if it is a family physician. Whenever we are sick, we always visit our well-known family physician. But we should be aware of their limitations as well. Sometimes the physician might not be equipped to deal with such a problem, in which case open communication is key. Avoid misleading your doctor and be frank by stating that you would be more comfortable after a second opinion. Similarly be honest to the doctor you are taking a second opinion from. The main focus should always be your health and well-being.
  • It will be confusing: Getting a second opinion can provide you with a holistic view of your treatment options and prognosis. Very rarely does your primary and secondary diagnosis and/or treatment have a great disparity between them. It can be more clarifying and re-assuring rather than confusing.
  • Not trusting the ‘new’ doctor : Patients always tend to prefer their own family physician whom they have been consulting with for many years. This is because they feel more comfortable with them and are more compliant to their treatment. Any ‘new’ doctor you consult, despite their experience or expertise feels like a stranger whom you cannot put your compete faith in. In such a case any risky treatment options they give you would make you question them and search the web for less riskier options. At KareOptions, all our physicians have many years of experience at top hospitals and Board Certified in their respective specialties. We select our physicians based on recommendation from other patients, research and publications under their name, years of training and experience and affiliations with esteemed institutes/hospitals. You can be rest assured we provide the best of the best services so you don’t have to hesitate when it comes to deciding your treatment plan.

Being alone and unguided in times of need can be really tasking. Not knowing whom to consult for a second opinion, only being dependent on the information provided on the internet can be confusing and sometimes unreliable. While you are mentally coming to terms with the diagnosis, meetings with the doctors, appearing for tests, and searching for the right cure is a lot for you to handle alone.

When you appoint KareOptions to take a second opinion on your diagnosis or your prescribed line of treatment, we guide you to reach out to the best doctor for their expert opinion. We can help you:

  1. Evaluate New Diagnosis
  2. Review Treatment Plan
  3. Explore Alternative to Surgery
  4. Compare Treatment Options and available therapies
  5. Collect and perform comprehensive review of medical records
  6. Recommend testing or labs for diagnosis confirmation
  7. Recommend best possible treatment option
  8. Refer to facilities or specialists for quality treatment.

A Simple Guide Through Our Online Process

  1. Request a Service.
  • Choose one of our service and register an account.
  1. Create a patient record.
  • Provide basic medical history.
  1. Medical Coordinator is assigned
  • Work with the coordinator to collect comprehensive medical records.
  • Appointment is setup if necessary, with the specialist.
  • Specialist reviews the report, provides the opinion, and answers patient’s question.
  1. Receive written report.
  • Coordinator discusses the report with the caretaker.
  1. Post consultation follow-up
  • Coordinator follows the report for any other questions or care coordination.

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KareOptions is an online platform and a problem-solving tool for patients to:

  • Actively seek information (About their condition through our blog page, about our doctors through the patient portal)
  • Be involved in their therapeutic treatment and properly re-addressing individualized treatments and prognoses.
  • Prevent unnecessary investigations and avoidable/expensive medical and surgical interventions.

Obsessive web surfing to search for answers leads to psychological distress and disorientation. This is known as the “Web Babel Syndrome”.Websites may often show contradictory or misleading information that isn’t accurate. To prevent misdiagnosis and treatment due to web search inconsistencies a Second Opinion medical service is crucial in today’s day and age; especially since everyone has access to the internet. Instead of wasting time wandering from website to website this service can be a one-stop solution for everything!

A study published in the international journal of pathology and clinical research on the “Second Opinion Medical Network” states that: “Second Opinion Medical Network is a common step for many patients requiring a deeper further revision of their clinical conditions, an update of diagnosis and a possible new previously un-attempted therapeutic strategy in the hopeful perspective of a better prognosis or life quality.”



“KareOptions does not have any intention to provide specific medical advice, but rather to provide its users and/ or the general public with information to better understand their health. All content (including text, graphics, images, information, etc.) provided herein is for general informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, care, diagnosis, or treatment. KareOptions makes no representation and assumes no responsibility/ liability for the accuracy of the information, advice, diagnosis, treatment provided herein or on its website. NEVER DISREGARD PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE OR DELAY IN SEEKING TREATMENT BECAUSE OF SOMETHING YOU HAVE READ IT HERE OR ACCESSED THROUGH THE KAREOPTIONS WEBSITE.

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