How Do you Consult with Doctors using Online Tools?

Online Doctor Consultation

Consult with Doctors using Online Tools

In-person consultation with doctors is fast receding into the past on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people admit that consulting doctors using online tools has obvious benefits. The most important benefit is in terms of savings on travel costs. Imagine the perils of traveling with the patients to places just to be in time for that “appointment”. It would be quite inconvenient if your appointment was in a different city and you had to go there by train or air. Thankfully a lot of doctors have made themselves available for consulting the patients using virtual tools. In addition, online consultation also allows you to get online doctor prescriptions quickly and easily, and the method ensures strict security and privacy. Besides saving time and money, you get to learn about your health and enjoy convenience and comfort in a confidential and cost-effective manner.

What to expect from typical online consulting services? 

Online medical advice encompasses the aspects of initiating an online session for a possible diagnosis and treatment and then following up with your doctor to determine if you require more clarity on your issue.

How can you benefit from digital health consulting services? Digital health consultation services allow effective patient-doctor interaction from the comfort of your home. The entire process from appointment booking to the exchange of informative medical profiles is digitized. The most important benefit is the simplified communication between patient and doctor. However, there are several challenges involved. Being unprepared for the consulting session or language problems may create impediments to effective communication. Further, patients may feel intimidated about asking the right questions or a lack of knowledge about their ailment may complicate the interaction. To work around these potential issues, you want to not just prepare well prior to the appointment but also invest in professional services.

What you can do to prepare for your online consultation

To make the most of your online consultation, you want to prepare a list of questions and concerns that may be relevant to your specific case. Here is a list of concerns you want to consider before going for online medical advice with your physician.

  • Describe your specific health concern: Note down the symptoms and issues you have been experiencing with a certain level of detail to be able to relate it to your physician without missing out on the important details.
  • Provide a clear account of your medical history: Include a clear and chronological account of your medical history and share it with your physician during your visit.
  • Enquire about possible treatment options: Although your physician is well qualified to propose the right treatment pathway, you are at an advantage by asking him or her the right questions before starting out on a treatment plan.
  • Understand alternative treatment pathways: In-depth understanding of available treatment pathways allows you to avoid unnecessary procedures and expensive treatment plans.

What’s different about telemedicine at KareOptions

Imagine getting medical care with the support of a competent service that oversees your entire process – convenient physician consultation from the comfort of your home, savings on medical bills, delivery of compassionate care, and the availability of 24/7 services.

At KareOptions, our services are designed to acquire exhaustive information related to medical history from the patient or the caregiver. Before we connect you to the doctor, we check if the patient has accomplished the necessary medical check-ups and tests. Once we have received all the necessary information, we compile it into a summarized report and send it to the doctor to provide the right level of awareness about the patient’s health and major concerns.

This patient data enables your doctor to analyze the gravity of the situation and give a sound opinion in terms of the diagnosis and the current line of treatment. These guided or handheld sessions with the doctors relieve patients from the stress related to planning and organizing their meeting, and instead, allows them to focus on the actual meeting.

Getting a second opinion from us is easy, convenient, and all done remotely. You do not have to visit our hospital or one of our clinics for this service. You do not even need to leave home!

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