3 Diagnoses That Call for a Second Medical Opinion

Some diseases begin with symptoms so subtle or common that they confuse even experienced doctors. Other times, a patient knows exactly what’s wrong but can’t decide which treatment is best. It’s never a bad idea to seek a second opinion!

Listed below are 3 diagnoses that call for a second medical opinion:-

1. Unusual or Hard-to-Diagnose Cancers: If you’ve been diagnosed with uncommon cancer or if there’s any question about whether it’s truly cancer seek a second opinion from a pathologist who has expertise in diagnosing this type of malignancy. After all, the diagnosis will determine which treatment is best.

2. Heart Procedures: Sometimes, patients may wonder whether they truly need bypass surgery or if, instead, they can undergo balloon angioplasty to open up blocked arteries. Also, if a patient remains undecided after the first cardiologist has listed multiple treatment options, “a second opinion from another cardiologist would be an excellent consideration.

3. Depression and Bipolar Disorder: Some patients with bipolar disorder also called “manic-depressive illness” don’t have a manic episode early on, so it’s easy for doctors to mistake the two diseases. In fact, patients with a less severe form of bipolar disorder may never develop intense mania, but instead, have milder manic episodes that alternate with depression.

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